Paul Tanner

Health & Safety Officer

Paul Tanner agrees himself that the role of Health & Safety is often misunderstood and one of the biggest challenges is to stave off complacency that creeps in.  “I regularly get comments from people along the lines of ‘isn’t this just common sense?” he claims “but my response is always the same: yes it’s common sense but that’s not enough, when there is a risk to life.”

Since Paul took on the role of H&S Officer at Aish four years ago he has seen a huge positive shift in attitude and awareness across the company.  “I get so many more questions now than I used to, which makes my role so much easier” says Paul. Legislation has a huge role to play, and a key part of Paul’s job is to understand the current regulations and keep on top of the changes that regularly come about. At any point Aish could be visited by Health & Safety Executives for a surprise inspection, so Paul needs to ensure the company policy s being adhered to at all times.

A typical day for Paul starts with checking around the Aish site for any breeches of policy and reviewing any near-miss accident reports. At any time he could then be required to check on contractors entering the site, attend policy review meetings, enforce the ‘Work Safe not Fast’ initiative from the HS&E, provide training for the workforce, read up on new guidelines or provide risk assessments for off-site activities.  “I love the variety the job provides” said Paul “and I love the fact that you can see my role does make a difference and that I am having a positive effect on the company”.

Paul is an Electro-Mechanical Engineer by trade, has two daughters and has lived in Dorset all of his life.