Company History


Aish Technologies Limited, formerly Aish &Co, was formed around the turn of the 20th century. Initially focused on shore-based electrical switch gear and sub stations, throughout the mid-20th century Aish gained a prestigious reputation for designing and manufacturing naval control panels, transformers and wiring looms. From the 1970’s Aish became involved in a number of electronics systems, including Engineer Order Telegraph Systems, Compass Retransmission Units and, notably, Versatile Console Systems (VCS) units and consoles, which provided machinery control, communications and navigation in a common physical format for the Royal Navy’s (and other navies’) latest vessels. It was also during this period that Aish developed the initial production system of its world-beating Low Signature Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) System, fitted to the Royal Navy’s Vanguard Class submarines.

It wasn’t all for the Navy: during this time, several military systems were produced and entered service with the British and other armies. The system with the longest span of service is the Intelligent Battery Management System (IBMS), designed to charge and condition Clansman radio batteries and still in use today.

After a series of owners during the 1970’s and 1980’s, Aish was bought by the Widney Group in 1988, as the result of a common interest in enclosures and consoles. Widney Aish was at the forefront of providing Switch and Fuse Panels, Changeover Switches and VCS equipment for Duke Class frigates, Sandown Class mine hunters and HMS Ocean during this period.

In November 2000 the directors of Widney Aish executed a management buyout from Widney plc and the company was renamed Aish Technologies Limited. The formation of the private company, plus a move to new premises in 2002 and the implementation of continuous process improvements, has ensured that the Aish name continues to be a byword for an innovative, agile and responsive mid-tier supplier to the Defence and Energy markets.

Under its new owners, Aish Technologies has gone from strength to strength, increasing turnover nearly fourfold and remaining in profit throughout. Since the buyout, Aish Technologies has concentrated on its core strengths of protecting electronics in harsh environments and providing the quietest ICCP system in the world. This has led us to develop new integrated bridge and multifunction consoles, flat screen displays, award-winning electronics cabinets and a genuinely unique system that protects US submarines from the threat of marine corrosion whilst remaining some of the quietest vessels in the sea. For the army, we provide rugged transit cases, bar armour and shock-protected vehicle hull assemblies.

A recent move into the Energy market is beginning to bear fruit, with initial contracts now in place. This part of our business is set to grow as new technology finds its way into the emerging Energy sector.

The company is managed by a strong team, which meets formally on a monthly basis to review strategic issues and monthly reports. These reports include variance analysis, company and departmental expenditure against budget, sales and marketing issues and operational activity such as purchasing and manufacturing performance, capacity plans, quality and human resource issues such as health and safety.