Aish Technologies InnovationInnovative design is the life-blood of any company. It is the engine that keeps us at the forefront of our chosen markets by giving us products that generate enough revenue to provide funds for further innovation. It is, therefore, self perpetuating.

That’s the theory, and it sounds simple enough; the practice, however, is rather more complex and difficult to achieve. It requires agile minds, product experience and technical knowledge, coupled with sound business practises and a management team willing to take a risk on new ideas. At Aish Technologies, we are blessed with a committed design team that is willing to think in a different way and has the background to know when it is on the right course, backed by managers who have confidence in their designers’ abilities. This approach has enabled us to produce some of the most innovative and cost-effective solutions in our chosen field. You can read about some of them on the Case Studies page; a brief taster is given below:

SMCS-NG Operator Console
This console is designed to accept pure COTS electronic and displays, and protect them in a harsh naval environment. Just one innovation in this interesting design is in the way that the console folds on itself to allow maintainer access to the processor compartment.

Common Cabinet
Designed to be a form, fit and function replacement for a standard naval electronics enclosure, the Common Cabinet provides up to 50% more usable electronics space and 50% more heat dissipation at a massive reduction in cost per cabinet.

Common Console
Accepted as the generic Common Console for the Royal Navy’s Astute Class submarines, this console uses an innovative cooling circuit combined with a sealed electronics compartment to allow the use of COTS electronics that would otherwise be proscribed for submarine use due to a risk of toxic fumes in the event of a fire.

Transit Case
A range of rugged transportable cases configured for 19” rackmount equipment, these cases have been tailored to meet exactly our customer’s needs at prices that are competitive with off-the-shelf cases.