(Form QA.001.007)

The conditions hereunder are supplementary to the standard conditions of Purchase as stated on the Purchase Order, or of any other printed instruction – such conditions apply when invoked on the Purchase Order under ‘Quality/Special Requirements’.

C1 Terms and Condition as detailed on the Purchase Order apply in preference to and superseding any Terms and Conditions referred to by either the Vendor or the Purchaser on any standard or printed documents.
C2 A Memorandum of Understanding as referenced applies to this Purchase Order and the Terms and Conditions therein apply in preference to and supersede any other Terms and Conditions referred to by either the Vendor or the Purchaser on any standard or printed documents.
C3 The vendors quality system may be subject to evaluation by the Purchaser.
C4 Certificate of Conformity for these materials must quote the batch number, the date of manufacture and the date of shelf life, or date of life expiry.

Certificates of Conformity for rubber materials must quote the cure date. Date of delivery is not to be more than 9 months from cure date.

C5 The PCB’s covered by this Purchase Order are to be manufactured using free issue photography. All related material i.e. photographs, artworks, drawings must be returned to Aish Technologies upon completion of this Purchase Order. The information contained within the Purchase Order is the property of Aish Technologies Limited and is supplied in confidence and must not be disclosed or used either in part, or in whole without the prior written permission of the company. The cost of any lost or damaged photography shall be chargeable to the Vendor.
C6 Goods supplied against this order which are electro static sensitive shall be handled and packaged in accordance with IEC 61340.

NB: Cut-down anti-static tubes are not acceptable.

C7 The Vendor shall submit samples for the Purchasers approval in writing before proceeding with full manufacture. This shall be accompanied by an Inspection Report detailing the drawing dimensions together with the Vendors actual dimensions. Any deviations shall be clearly identified.
C8 Tooling for execution of this Purchase Order is to be supplied to you by Aish Technologies. Usage of this tooling does not exonerate you for any non-conformance attributable to that tooling.
C9 Two copies of your component drawing must be submitted to Aish Technologies for approval. This approval must be granted before proceeding with manufacture.
C10 All deliveries of castings must be accompanied with radiological X-Ray plates and must be identifiable with our Purchase Order and your Certificate of Conformity.
C11 A Certificate of Analysis detailing as appropriate the chemical and/or metallurgical properties shall be supplied with each delivery made against this order.
C12 Material for execution of this Purchase Order is to be supplied to you free issue. This material requires to be verified on receipt.
C13 This Purchase Order is for Survey and Quotation only. An amendment will be issued to give authority to repair when the price has been agreed.
C14 The Items shown on the Purchase Order have been rejected under warranty for the reasons stated on the accompanying Notification of Non-Conformity Report, and accordingly should be credited in full, and re-supplied. If however this claim is not accepted, reasons for non-acceptance must be forwarded to the person named at the head of the Order.
C20 This Purchase Order is in support of an order placed upon Aish Technologies hereafter known as the main order. All terms and conditions stated or implicit in the main order shall apply mutandis mutatis to this Purchase Order equally other than when shown as a specific exclusion on the face of this Purchase Order. The Terms and Conditions of the main order are specified in
C21 This Purchase Order is subject to Standard Conditions of Government contract for Stores purchases form GC/Stores/1.
C22 A certified set of results detailing as appropriate the findings during manufacturing tests/approvals shall be supplied with each delivery made against this order.
C23 Prior to dispatch of any item you are required to seek approval from AISH TECHNOLOGIES Quality Assurance, who may wish to carry out verification on your premises. Any item dispatched without such approval shall not be accepted by AISH TECHNOLOGIES and may be returned to you at your cost. Any Special Arrangements for release will be detailed in this Purchase Order.
C24 The correct operation of any equipment and/or software supplied to Aish Technologies Ltd against this order must be sustained with all dates/times including the ability to operate over any significant calender or time boundary for a period of not less than 20 years. This shall include the effects of leap years and the termination date of correct operation shall be specified.

The Conditions of Purchase forming a part of this order stipulate that materials furnished under this order shall be free from contamination by presence of mercury. The requirements stated below form a part of this order.

Mercury is corrosive to gold, silver, nickel, stainless steels, aluminum, and copper alloys. Accidental trapping of mercury in a component could cause serious damage to vital parts. Mercury is also toxic if inhaled, ingested or absorbed through the skin. It is evident that grave consequences could result from small amounts of mercury vapor present in an unreplenished atmosphere.

Functional Mercury
Mercury or mercury compound(s) contained in a component which are required for the component to operate properly.

Mercury Free Components
A component is mercury free if it does not contain functional mercury and is not contaminated by mercury or mercury compounds.

1. Material furnished under this Purchase Order shall not contain functional mercury in any form without the specific written approval of Aish Technologies Limited.

2. Mercury-bearing instruments and/or equipment which might cause contamination shall not be used in the manufacture, fabrication, assembly, or testing of any material furnished under this Purchase Order. The most probable causes of contamination are direct connected mercury manometers, mercury vacuum pumps, mercury seals, mercury-in-glass thermometers, or handling of mercury in the immediate vicinity. In case of doubt or question of manufacturing procedures, you may call Aish Technologies Limited for assistance.

3. In the event of any accident involving mercury contamination of the material being furnished on the Purchase Order or suspicion of such contamination, Aish Technologies Limited shall be notified immediately.

4. Your subcontractors must be notified of, and must comply with, the requirements of this notice.

C26 Design data to be supplied to (named individuals) at Aish Technologies, Gerber files, viewable image files preferably in ‘dwg’ format and source design files to be provided to Aish Technologies in a format to be agreed. Delivery note must detail date and method of delivery of design data to enable purchase order to be cleared.