Another record achieved with best half year turnover at just over £10.3m! The full management accounts are yet to be produced but we are progressing in line with budget. The remainder of the year also looks very positive as we have a full order book, and with the continued focus on Company objectives, this promises to be a great year for Aish.


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I would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete the recent Engagement survey, over 80% of you responded which means we have great feedback from across the whole organisation. The reason we carry out this survey is twofold: firstly it provides a measure of employee engagement, and secondly it’s an opportunity for everyone to voice their opinions in a confident manner.

Businesses are typically measured on their financial performance, and while we recognise this, we want toe ensure the right balance is achieved in terms of demanding and achieving high performance and developing an open, trusting and positive working environment.

Employee Engagement is all about fostering these conditions. When organisations get it right, all employees are able to perform at their optimum level, with focus and commitment to the organisation’s goals. This in turn will result in the organisation’s success, and self fulfilment with a sense of well-being for its employees.

To some, this may just be viewed as another business initiative. But the research and findings provide compelling evidence that engaged workforces perform significant better than those that are disengaged. This is primarily due to employees having a sense of pride in what they do, which results in greater motivation and effort into achieving objectives.

There are essentially four enablers to employee engagement that hopefully you will recognise from our communications and feedback over the last 12-18 months:

Strategic Narrative: A clear vision of the company past, present and future.

Engaging Mangers:  Managers coach and challenge employees to encourage them as individuals and welcome their input.

Employee Voice: All employees have a voice and are seen as central to the solution.

Integrity: The values are followed on a daily basis, with no gap between ‘say and do’.

We are continuing to develop these themes through various initiatives and training programmes and I hope you are seeing the improvements. The scores of this year’s Engagement survey certainly suggest you are, as they are up on last year and have surpassed our target.

So far we have only received high level feedback from the survey. However shortly we will be getting the team results and will then be able to start planning the feedback sessions. In your teams you will be presented with both the company and your team scores, and you will then be encouraged to discuss the results. The aim of this is to gain a greater understanding of the importance of the survey and to highlight key themes or issues that you would like to be prioritised by the business.

Thank you once again for completing the survey and for the very open, honest and, in most cases, very constructive feedback in the open sections “What one thing would you change at Aish?” The management team and I look forward to the feedback sessions and for continued improvements as we strive to achieve our objectives and ultimately ‘Develop. Deliver and Delight’.


Lloyd Bates

Managing Director