consultancyAlthough it hasn’t always been the case, the Defence industry, especially in the application of electronics, is now very fast moving. The need for platform affordability, increased versatility and reduced manning has meant that defence applications must take advantage of the best that commercial electronics has to offer. This has taken us to the point where computer hardware, in particular, gives very little to its commercial counterpart in terms of processing speed and capacity.

Hardware Integration
In this climate of volatile change, system integrators must make decisions on factors that could make vast differences to the relative performance, longevity and supportability of the equipment they choose. Integrators can’t hope to maintain an up-to-date knowledge base on all the factors that affect their decisions, and so turn to specialist companies such as Aish Technologies to provide that knowledge and assist them with analyses and options for future systems.

We understand and can link the disparate strands in the world of commercial electronics, and use our background to apply them to defence applications in a way that will avoid dead-end development and early obsolescence. We have a strong team of professional engineers and a long pedigree in a number of defence areas, and can provide design consultancy to optimise our customers’ products for value and performance. We can help our customers to develop their thinking in new directions and stay ahead of the competition.

Cathodic Protection
In another area of defence technology the laws of chemistry ensure that some things never change: dissimilar metals in seawater will always induce corrosion, unless steps are taken to counter it. Aish Technologies has been at the forefront of the fight against galvanic corrosion in warships since the 1980’s, particularly the effects of corrosion-related electrical currents on a ship’s electromagnetic signature, and was the first company to introduce a low signature cathodic protection system.

Against this background, we are able to offer a consultancy service for investigation and concept proving of all aspects of cathodic protection. Customers will have the benefit of subject matter experts responsible for the design of the world’s best low signature cathodic protection systems, and whose innovative thinking is breaking new ground in the protection of free-flooding spaces, tanks and sea tubes. Customers can also take advantage of our purpose-built test facility, ideal for carrying out what-if analyses and concept proving.

Areas where Aish Technologies has specialist knowledge and expertise include:

• Hardware integration
• Processing architectures
• Human factors
• Thermal management
• Environmental protection
• Corrosion protection
• Ship signature reduction

We would be pleased to discuss consultancy on any aspect of these areas with your engineers.

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