Aish Technologies’ Installation Group is able to pull together a wide range of project management, engineering, design and manufacturing skills into a coherent team to support customer site installation programmes. Aish has a good working knowledge of surface and submarine naval platform working environments and their associated constraints, including security and health & safety prerequisites, and we have carried out many successful installation programmes that have met or exceeded the user’s expectations.

Ease of installation is a fundamental Aish design aim, particularly where equipment has to be shipped through doorways and hatches and installed under less-than-perfect conditions. However, in practice, the constraints imposed by platform availability and the need to fit in with other on-site work teams, ships’ staff and dockyard personnel can conspire to test the best-planned installation programmes. The flexibility of our approach, coupled with the quality of work and performance of our team, has been successfully demonstrated at various sites across the UK. Aish’s Installation Manager says of the team’s success: “the essentials for a successful installation are good people and forward planning, allied to close liaison with the dockyard, the customer, other contractors and boat’s complement. The result should be a clockwork operation, but the trick is to have a plan that’s flexible enough to cope with those inevitable moments when the hands fall off.

The team’s dedication was recognised when the Aish won a BAE Systems’ Chairman’s award for installation of the company’s SMCS-NG console on board the Royal Navy’s nuclear submarine HMS Vigilant. The full story can be read here.

Aish’s installation expertise is available for the installation of equipment designed and built by ourselves, and for customers’ own or third-party equipment.

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