Aish Technologies supportOur aim is to be flexible in our approach to support for Aish products, and support can be provided in a number ways, each tailored to suit the needs of the customer.

• Integrated products that contain a high number of COTS components, such as our range of multifunction consoles and cathodic protection systems, can suffer from high levels of damage and, as they get older, obsolescence issue start to arise. For these products the ideal arrangement is to put in place a firm-price support contract that can be timed to run for a fixed number of years. This has the advantage to the customer of passing the risk down the supply chain, and having a fixed repair turn-round backed up by buffer stock. This means that spares are readily available for delivery in a matter of days (or hours in some cases). Technology insertion can be incorporated within the contract to ensure that the equipment is maintained at optimum performance.

• For simpler products with a lower level of volatile COTS components, such as electronics enclosures and cabinets, ore where system redundancy is built in at a high level, support can be effected on an ad-hoc basis. Repairs are subject to survey and priced according to the amount of remedial work required, and would be turned round as soon as possible: this could typically be over ninety days. The advantage to the customer is that, with no buffer stock to make, costs are spread over the life of the equipment (with rising costs towards the end of service life). Reference equipment can be held by Aish, allowing us to carry out fault diagnosis, and a helpline can be provided, putting the customer in immediate contact with a service engineer.

• Aish operates a Survey and Repair facility for third parties on a build to print basis. All goods are surveyed in the companies test and inspection areas with a report detailing faults found and the cost of repair being presented to the customer. The solution proposed for the repair of an article may involve the resolution of engineering problems arising from obsolescence. Numerous types of VCS units, enclosures and other equipment configurations are progressed through the survey and repair service each year. Customers benefit from access and support from our fully integrated engineering resources, flexible manufacturing facilities and project management department.

Any of these options can be tailored to suit your support requirements. We would be pleased to discuss these with your ILS team to ascertain the most cost effective method of providing a continuing service for your equipment.

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