Whether you want to further your career, commence an apprenticeship or are simply looking for work in the field of electromechanical design and manufacturing, please contact Aish Technologies at the contact points here for the latest information on available positions or take note of current opportunities shown at the foot of this page.

Aish Technologies’ policy is to train and develop its staff whenever possible to meet future needs and to encourage staff to reach their full potential. The success and wealth of any company is dependent upon its staff, and in the challenging environment of design and manufacturing the needs of the company, and the skills required by the staff, are continually changing. We want our staff to enjoy long and rewarding careers with Aish (and judging by the extremely low staff turnover, we have succeeded) and It is Aish’s policy to assist its staff in their professional development with opportunities to work on exciting projects, supported by continuing training and provision for staff to pursue vocational and professional qualifications.

Every year a number of apprenticeship places become available, providing the opportunity for bright individuals with an aptitude for engineering to embark on a traditional craft apprenticeship, consisting of both in-house training and college courses. More information on our apprenticeship scheme is shown here.

We consider our workforce to be our most valuable asset, and one in which diversity is embraced and accepted for its valuable contribution to a flourishing business. We are committed to providing a work environment that is free of discrimination on grounds of race, religious belief, age, gender, sexual orientation or other aspects not directly related to an employee’s ability to carry out their duties. It is also Aish Technologies’ policy to include those with disabilities for consideration for employment, and accommodate their needs wherever practicable once employed. In a market sector where skill shortages have become an increasing problem, we welcome all who are able to contribute to the success of the company.