HMS Artful, the Royal Navy’s third Astute-class submarine, has conducted the first torpedo test firing using a new common combat system (CCS).


Early this month HMS Artful completed its first combat capability trials. Testing the systems capability to interpret sonar readings and launch attacks on moving targets using practise weapons.

BAE Systems have developed the CCS with Aish Technologies which integrates different application usage on a single computing environment. This is fundamental to saving space in the submarines hull.

This includes the supply of 17 multifunctional consoles, 7 common cabinets, 10 secondary data displays, 4 console suite switch enclosures and 2 shared computer environment enclosures.

Aish have been contracted to manufacture this system for the new 5 astute class submarines and 2 in-service astute submarines, as well as the 4 in-service vanguard class submarines.

HMS Artful, which was officially handed over in December last year, will complete its combat capability trials in July this year.

Following the trials, it will undergo a period of maintenance and training to prepare for operations.