energyAish Technologies is a systems design and manufacturing company, specialising in the design & manufacture of multi-function consoles, flat panel displays and cathodic protection systems.
For more than 70 years we have supplied electro-mechanical products and services to the marine, defence and commercial industries. Renowned for excellence, our clients include such organisations as Thales, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, We are also a premier supplier to the UK MoD and an award winning partner of BAE Systems. Our expertise coupled with an unrivalled reputation for quality, reliability and strong project Management puts us in a unique position. It means you can trust us to deliver world-class nuclear engineering solutions with total confidence.
We can offer a modern, adaptable and forward-thinking approach to different industry sectors, supported by a financially solid background.
Discover how our skills transfer to the Energy Industry, both in the Nuclear and Renewable Sectors.

Nuclear Energy
The nuclear industry not only has strong growth potential, spanning a number of years, but it also suits Aish’s capabilities and skill. As the UK moves into the delivery phase of its 125 year decommissioning plan, public and private sector bodies are grappling at the enormity of the task at hand and are likely to face additional economic and technical challenges in the near future.In its growth phase, the industry is actively seeking new engineering / design / manufacturing companies who have the culture, capabilities, health & safety, quality and delivery records to support them. With our track record of serving the Defence market for over 70 years, Aish is well placed to provide this service.

Renewable Energy
The same capabilities that have made Aish Technologies such a success in the Defence Sector and given us an entreé into the Nuclear Energy Sector, are at the disposal of prime contractors in the Renewables Sector looking for a supply chain that can rise to the challenge of an industry that operates at the margins of what is achievable. Large offshore wind farms push the boundaries of construction, maintainability and survivability, and it is in this area that Aish Technologies can make a real contribution, both as a subcontract manufacturer and in the supply of rugged equipment. We know how to design and build for survivability in environmental extremes, and can offer a real advantage.

Our Service to you

In addition to its design capabilities, Aish offers a build to print service from machined fabrications, through sheet metal enclosures, to complex electronic assemblies. We are not limited by location and have a number of existing projects based across Europe and as far as the USA and Australia.Our key capabilities include:

• Design of electro-mechanical assemblies
• Environmental enclosures
• Embedded control systems
• Fabrication & Welding
• CNC Sheet metal
• CNC Machining
• Electro-mechanical assembly
• Finishing

It all starts with a conversation: talk to us today on +44 (0)1202 307007 to find out more about Aish’s capabilities and to discuss your requirements in the Nuclear and Renewable Energy markets