We are delighted that Ric Elkington has joined us as Head of Naval Division for both us and AGI. Here’s some more info about Ric:

Ric has joined the AGI Group from BAE Systems where he was Head of Naval Combat Systems Business Development. Whilst at BAE he was responsible for ensuring the Type 26 Global Combat Ship was chosen by the Royal Canadian Navy as its new design for the Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) in February this year. Prior to joining BAE Systems, Ric spent 21 years in the Royal Navy as a Warfare Officer and underwater warfare specialist, as well as acquiring meteorology and oceanography qualifications.

Since joining Aish, he has been impressed with the strength of the workforce and the pride shown in its day to day activities, commenting:

“We have such a close working relationship with many of our customers that, despite the fact that we deliver product, what we really offer is a highly collaborative design and manufacture service. The level of quality is outstanding, and it is fantastic to see that British engineering is alive and well.” 

Ric has a personal connection to British engineering as his Grandfather ran a production factory called Elkington Engineering, that provided parts for Spitfires in the Second World War. For him to now be involved with what Aish manufactures is very special to him.

The new role of Head of Naval Division at Aish is seen as a significant step in the company’s ambition to increasing its presence in overseas markets, including the US, Canada and Australia. Ric says:

“There are many opportunities currently with Navies across the world, as fleets are renewed and new technologies developed. Aish has a major role to play in supplying to prime contractors with many of its technologies used on surface ships and submarines. For example, we have Aish systems on every type of US submarine which reflects the key role the company plays in the industry.” 

Ric could be forgiven for being a little cautious as to the immediate future for British engineering given the current state of uncertainty over Brexit, however he is very confident for Aish’s growth intentions, adding:

“We do not foresee any negative implications over Brexit, due to the strength of our relationships with our customers. Our focus is on improving the competitiveness of Aish, unlocking efficiencies between the two businesses, and providing sustainable growth over the next few years. There are investment and innovation synergies to be realised between Aish and AGI, and the modern equipment we have at Aish offers opportunities for us to increase our capacity and take advantage of technology advancements, particularly around new screen technologies.”

Ric Elkington, Head of Naval Division, Aish and AGI